How to Achieve an Urban Vibe in Your HDB Interior

How to Achieve an Urban Vibe in Your HDB Interior

Hello there!! Have you ever had the feeling that your HDB interior is missing something? A sense of personality and style that reflects who you are? Many people struggle to find ways to express themselves in their home while achieving an ‘urban vibe.’

But before you start renovating, know that it’s totally possible to liven up your space with a modern-urban makeover!

It doesn’t require complicated overhauls or expensive renovations either. The trick lies in understanding how to make effective use of colors, textures, and furniture pieces that can give a space character without investing a lot.

So, if you’re looking for a touch of metropolitan charm, stick around as we share our top tips on how to achieve an urban vibe in your HDB interior.

Set the right mood

Use lighting, textures, and accents to establish a modern, industrial tone. Incorporate dimmable lighting or task lighting for workspace areas. Adding ambient lighting with floor lamps, table lamps, and multiple light sources helps achieve a chic, layered glow.

Metal, concrete, and wood accents highlight an urban style perfectly. Metal tables, chairs, or wall shelves provide sleek contrast, while wood cutting boards, baskets, or trays bring rustic warmth. Concrete floors and tabletops also create a raw, gritty feel. Feel free to mix metals, woods, and textures for an eclectic touch.

Make a statement with styles – Urban style is all about edgy, eclectic pieces that make a bold statement. Include metal furniture like a silver streamlined sofa or nesting tables for a futuristic look. Rustic wood and woven seating also provide texture while fitted with brushed nickel accents.

Don’t be afraid of patterns, either. Geometric prints, bold patterns, or statement wallpaper bring structural style. Artwork featuring cityscapes, architectural details, or hidden talents reflects your urban sensibility. Plants provide pops of green life, while metal or concrete planters keep the industrial flow.

Make a statement with styles.

Urban style is bold and edgy and makes a statement. Include metal furniture for a futuristic glow or rustic wood and woven pieces for a cozy texture. Metal tables, chairs, and wall shelves provide sleek contrast, while wood cutting boards, baskets, and trays bring warmth.

Geometric prints, bold patterns, or statement wallpaper transform a space. Aztec motifs, triangles, and chevrons evoke a trendy downtown feel—pair patterns with solid color throws, pillows, and a neutral sofa for balance.

Plants bring life and greenery to an urban refuge. Potted trees, pothos, or snake plants fill empty corners in a minimal, city-slick style. But keep floral arrangements simple rather than busy.

Artwork with an architectural twist reflects urban sensibility. Cityscape photos, maps, or details bring the outside in. Mementos from local haunts or travels showcase a personal style.

Layers of lighting achieve subtle task lighting and ambient glow. Pendant, floor, and table lamps provide versatility. Manipulate styles or mix metals, wood, and patterns for visual flair.

Maximize storage while avoiding conflict.

Squeezing storage into fewer spaces is key for an urban vibe.

Under-bed boxes slide in for stuff without cramping style. Stack boxes of different sizes for everything you need to stash.

Shelves create vertical space to show off treasured pieces or separate rooms with a slick industrial wall of cubes. Metal pipes, wooden planks, or geometric shelves do the grabby, attention-grabbing trick.

Cabinets also keep essentials hidden in plain sight. Tall, skinny joints maximize square footage so you can use your surfaces. Pull out organizers, dividers, and drawers to keep everything neat as the pros do.

A sofa table provides extra counter and display space behind the sofa for your latest coffee table book finds. Woven poufs with storage inside or metal stools with an open back keep additional seating and a place to dump pocket treasures.

Ottomans with storage lids lift to a perfect hidden stash. Restoration hardware types or leather lockers parked under tables or floating are my favorite for a lived-in, cared-for vibe. But keep things streamlined so your space feels manageable.

The perfect coffee table integrates seating, displaying more minor nerdy obsessions or hosting game nights. Shelves under the top or compartments preclude a total mess. The open base slips your spots to perch while keeping clutter off surfaces.

Open up the space

Want to open up space and achieve an urban vibe in your HDB interiors? Here’s one way to make it happen. Start by removing any pieces that are taking up unnecessary space – think bulky desk chairs, oversized sofas, or large coffee tables. Then consider adding some furniture with cleaner lines – like modular seating and glass tables. This will instantly give the room a more open and airy feel. To add texture and depth, you can also incorporate raw materials like concrete, wood, metal, and stone.

The key is to keep it minimal – accent pieces should be just that, accents rather than the focus of the room. And remember to use lighter colors on walls and curtains to maximize natural light and create the illusion of more space. With the right balance of furniture and accents, you’ll have an urban-style oasis in no time!

Bring the outside in

Here is all you need to do in order to bringing outside in :

Open windows or add skylights to flood spaces with light from outside. Add houseplants, herbs or a small garden for life.

Want city life or leafy landscape views? Place full-length mirrors to reflect outside sights, bird feeders at windows, or botanical wall decor. Arrange furniture so you can relax facing outward.

A mid-century sofa and coffee table pair are great for people-watching. Cluster nests of poufs, pillows, and vintage boxes for cozy lounging.

Outdoor tables, chairs, and side benches work indoors with minimal change. Place a daybed behind the sofa for chatting or reading. 

Floating shelves make DIY indoor furniture like tables for keys, mail, and other necessities.

Paint one wall with a bright city mural or leafy laneway scene for city escape views. Or add bold colors with cobalt blue, terra cotta, or olive green to highlight architectural details.

Display artwork or artisanal goods for minimal fuss style without clutter. 

A hanging kinetic mobile, string lights, or an oversized lamp cast a warm glow without excess.

Greenery in hanging planters, macramé baskets, or earthy pots introduces minimal maintenance foliage for a steady, calming rhythm.

This space flows endlessly from inside to outside. Everything from sounds and scents to perspective shifts surrounds you. Retreat here turns a standard room into an urban hideaway.

Step through into an authentic escape Room by room. Awaken in moments unfolding seamlessly indoors and out. The city comes indoors while you discover stillness.

Take cues from your surroundings

This is also a great design idea, as first, you need to Look at architectural details, natural elements, and passerby styles outside your windows. Translate them inside your space.

Notice stonework, metal accents, or art deco flourishes outside? Bring them in with decorative accents, throws, rugs, or wall art. Capture passing crowds and communities outside before translating them to indoor spaces.

Study leafy greenery, skylines, or city rhythms outside as inspiration for indoor style. Add potted plants, botanical prints, or cityscape wall murals to recall outside surroundings. Arrange furniture for the same flow and rhythm as outside spaces.

Listen for outside scents like coffee, food trucks, or nature. Bring them inside with similar fare, plug-in fragrances, scented lotion, or essential oil diffusers.

Want the energy of a busy lane or empty alley to feel indoors? Curate lighting, color palettes, space layout, decor, and activities to match outside environments. Create spaces that flow seamlessly from inside to out.

Find ways for people to watch inside as outside. Cluster a sofa, chairs, and side table near large windows. Bring a book, snacks, and drinks to avoid outside life. Escape inside while staying connected outside.

Build indoor-outdoor pathways or escapes. Arrange spaces so you can move freely between inside and outside worlds. Extend planted spaces, walkways or patios to link indoor and outdoor environments as one connected space.

Take cues from outside architecture and natural surroundings as inspiration inside. Translate passing details, styles, scents, sounds, and rhythms inside with decor, layout, lighting and activities. Let outside energy and inspiration guide an urban inside retreat.

Immerse in outside vibrancy through interconnected indoor spaces. Find new perspectives discovering city life playing out beyond walls. Your urban oasis awakens as outside and in become one seamless escape.


Creating an urban-style oasis in your home is all about incorporating unique pieces that make a bold statement. Use lighting, textures, and accents to set the right mood and create a chic, layered glow.

Incorporate raw materials like concrete, wood, metal, and stone to add texture and depth. Maximize storage without clutter by using under-bed boxes, shelves, cabinets, and ottomans with storage lids. To open up space, consider adding furniture with cleaner lines and lighter colors on walls and curtains to maximize natural light.

Bring the outside in by adding houseplants, herbs, or a small garden, and using full-length mirrors to reflect outside sights. Lastly, take cues from your surroundings and bring them inside through decorative accents, wall art, and furniture arrangement.

By following these tips, you can create an urban-style oasis that reflects your personal style and provides a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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