List of best Schlage Digital Lock

List of best Schlage Digital Lock


Schlage is a leading manufacturer of digital locks, and these are some of their best models. With features like fingerprint recognition, keyless entry, and more. Your home is kept secure and safe with a decent digital lock, which is also simple to operate.

If you are Looking for a digital lock that will keep your family safe and give you peace of mind? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you the best Schlage digital locks available in Singapore. We have what you need, whether you’re looking for a basic entry-level model or a premium choice.

Schlage S6500 Digital Door Lock

The Schlage S6500 Digital Door Lock is an IP54-certified high-security door lock that offers users several ways to access their homes. The lock can be opened with a user PIN, RFID card, FOB, or fingerprint. The fingerprint option is particularly convenient, as it allows users to unlock their door without having to carry a key. The Schlage S6500 also features an enhanced security feature that makes it more difficult for burglars to pick the lock.

Advantages of this lock :

  • It is easy to set up and operate
  • With voice control, volume and mute controls, and batteries included
  • Fingerprints can be up to 50 and RFID tags can be up to 20.
  • It comes with in-built voice guidance
  • Plus, the fingerprint reader makes it extra secure.

Schlage S510 Rim Digital Lock

The Schlage S510 is a new type of rim lock that utilizes digital authentication to unlock. This lock is unique in that it offers three different ways to authenticate: fingerprint, PIN, or keycard. This makes the Schlage S510 one of the most secure rims locks on the market, as it is nearly impossible to bypass without the proper authentication.

Benefits of Schlage S510 Rim Digital Lock

It has many benefits such as :

It has a warranty for 2 years

It has an inbuilt low batter indicator and Voice guidance

20 RFID Tags can be registered and registration can be done with up to 50 Fingerprints

It is weather resistant (Tested to IP54)

Schlage S480 Digital Door Lock

The sleek and feature-rich Schlage S-480 Digital Door (Touchpad Rim) Lock has many features. A futuristic lock with minimal design but maximum effect. This lock is equipped with an illuminated numeric touchpad that makes it easy to see in the dark and enter your code. You won’t have to worry about losing your keys ever again

Benefits :

  • flexible strike plate
  • The function of a random PIN safeguards your entry code.
  • Alarm built-in detects possible door attacks
  • The door locks itself if it is left unlocked.
  • Resisting the weather (tested to IP54)
  • A two-year warranty

Schlage S510G Digital Gate Lock

This is the last gate lock you’ll ever need. The Schlage S510G Digital Gate Lock offers 5 different authentication methods to unlock, so you can always be sure your property is secure. Whether you’re using a key, code, card, fingerprint, or phone app, this lock has you covered.

Advantages of Schlage S510G Digital Gate Lock

  • Includes remote control and a metal box.
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
  • Free Installation and Delivery
  • System of protection against unauthorized use of your PIN
  • Any tampering or trespassing attempts will activate the invasion alarm system.
  • Allows for remote control

Schlage S818G Digital Gate Lock

If you’re looking for a digital gate lock that is both stylish and secure, the Schlage S818G is a great option. The touchscreen keypad on this lock is fingerprint-resistant and built of solid brass. Plus, it contains an alarm that triggers when someone tries to tamper with the lock.

Advantages of Schlage S818G Digital Gate Lock

  • It gives a Warning for Low Battery
  • Function of Auto-Lock
  • Integrated Voice Guide
  • Remote Control Is Available
  • Enhanced Security like a built-in alarm
  • Random Pin Number function for protecting your code


Ultimately, the Schlage digital lock is one of the best on the market and is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable option. It is well worthy of consideration for your home or office security needs given its many features and advantages.

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