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Met Interior

At MET Interior, we build homes that go beyond aesthetics. We strive to construct an integrated living space that optimizes you and your family’s ever-changing lifestyles. Your dream house designed in a way that balances your ideal living space with functional space.

Happe Design Atelier Pte Ltd

Happe Interior & Design was founded in 2012. We established the company in Singapore and are expanding to neighbouring countries, so we bring the latest innovations from all over the world for our clients. Moreover, Singapore’s constraint with space has turned out to be a stage for us to showcase ourr expertise in creating a great space for work or play, regardless of the size and dimensions of the space.

M2 Decor Pte Ltd

M2 Decor Pte Ltd is established as a one-stop streamlined interior design and renovation company in Singapore offering both commercial and residential renovation. The company is led by highly experienced Project Managers, Contractors, and Interiors Designers who are committed to providing their decades of renovation expertise to all owners.

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