10 Tips to Turn Your Spare Room into Wardrobe: Save Your Bucks

10 Tips to Turn Your Spare Room into Wardrobe: Save Your Bucks

Wardrobe space will be a constant discussion of people who are shopaholics! No offense, shopping is a mood booster but the storage part may disturb you. No worries, if you have a spare room, turn it into the wardrobe. Make some simple changes and just experience the spacious wardrobe and you can simply walk into this big wardrobe.

Take a look at our tips to get some ideas and then decide whether you need this closet idea or not!


First Step- Place the Mirror

How can you not have a mirror in your wardrobe room? A mirror not only serves a practical purpose for trying on outfits, but it can also make the space feel larger and brighter. Consider installing a full-length mirror or a mirrored wardrobe door to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of the room.


Storage Shelves helps to get an organized closet

To create storage space for your clothes, install shelves and hanging rods in the room. Shelves can be used to store folded clothes, shoes, and accessories while hanging rods provide a place to hang dresses, shirts, and jackets. Consider adjustable shelves and rods to accommodate different types of clothing.


Choose the Right Light to get a Cozy Wardrobe

LED lights are a popular choice for wardrobe lighting due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. They provide bright and focused illumination, making it easier to see your clothes and accessories. LED lights are available in various forms, such as strip lights, puck lights, or motion sensor lights.

Under cabinet lights are another option to consider for wardrobe lighting. These lights are typically installed underneath shelves or cabinets, providing indirect lighting that illuminates the contents of your wardrobe. They can be battery-operated or hardwired, depending on your preference.

Some furniture manufacturers offer integrated lighting systems specifically designed for wardrobes. These systems are built into the wardrobe itself and provide seamless and customized lighting solutions. They may include features like adjustable brightness, remote control operation, and even smart lighting options.

Motion sensor lights are a convenient option for wardrobe lighting. They automatically turn on when they detect motion, making it easy to find what you need without fumbling for a light switch. These lights are often battery-operated and can be easily installed in your wardrobe.


Standing Garment Racks for a Stylish look

When it comes to adding a stylish look to your wardrobe, a standing garment rack can be a great choice. By adding this to your wardrobe settings, storage space for your daily wear gets solved. It will help to declutter your space.


Storage Containers and Hanging Rod

Buy storage containers in various sizes to accommodate all kinds of clothes.

Hanging rods provide a place to hang dresses, shirts, and jackets. Consider adjustable shelves and rods to accommodate different types of clothing.


Seating Arrangements for comfortable Wardrobe Time

Make your seating area cozy and inviting by adding personal touches. This can include decorative pillows, throws, or even a small side table to hold a book or a cup of tea. Adding elements that reflect your personal style will make the space feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Remember, the goal is to create a seating arrangement that is both comfortable and visually appealing. Consider the size of your wardrobe, the available space, and your personal preferences when selecting seating options.


Create a Dressing Area

If you have enough space, consider creating a dedicated dressing area within your wardrobe room. This can include a vanity table or a small dressing area with a stool or chair. It can be a place where you can do your hair and makeup or simply get ready for the day.

If you don’t have a room, just install some non-transparent partitions within the room to create some privacy. Don’t forget to add some decorative elements to make the room visually appealing. Consider adding artwork, a rug, or decorative storage boxes to add personality and style to your dressing area.


Separate Rack for Your Shoe

Adding a separate rack for your shoes in your wardrobe can help keep them organized and easily accessible.

Expandable Shoe Racks:  Expandable shoe racks are a popular choice as they allow you to customize the storage space according to your needs. These racks typically have multiple tiers or shelves that can accommodate several pairs of shoes. They are versatile and can be easily adjusted or expanded as your shoe collection grows.


Remember to consider the size of your shoe collection and the available space in your wardrobe when choosing a shoe rack. Additionally, think about the material, durability, and design that best suits your personal style and interior.


Window with Adjustable sun-shield

As we have enough lighting set up in the room, we need sunlight view in the morning and in the evening. You can cover the window shield when it is not necessary. If you are a morning person, the sunrise view works like a boost on your Monday blues. If you don’t want this view filter some natural light using this window sheet.


Height Adjustable Standing Desk

To turn your spare room into a functional wardrobe with an ironing area, you can consider including a height-adjustable standing desk.

Manual Crank Height-Adjustable Standing Desk: A manual crank height-adjustable standing desk is another option to consider. These desks feature a hand crank mechanism that allows you to adjust the desk height manually. While they require a bit more effort to adjust compared to electric desks, they are generally more affordable and still provide the flexibility of sitting and standing positions.



In conclusion, this article has provided a range of creative and practical wardrobe ideas to help you maximize space and enhance the organization of your clothing collection. From utilizing standing garment racks for a stylish look to incorporating separate racks for your shoes, these ideas offer both functionality and aesthetics.

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