7 Condo Kitchen Ideas to Fit Your Small Space

7 Condo Kitchen Ideas to Fit Your Small Space

Designing an efficient yet enjoyable kitchen in a small condo can be challenging but also inspiring.

With creativity and some tricks of the trade, you can craft a compact space that fits your needs and sparks joy. 

As you read this entire blog where we discuss the 7 Condo Kitchen Ideas to Fit Your Small Space, you will know what we exactly mean!

Whether it’s opting for upper cabinets only, adding a mobile trolley, incorporating floating shelves, or utilizing multi-function appliances!

These simple changes can transform a cramped nook into a cozy haven where you’ll look forward to creating delicious meals.


1)Use upper cabinets only.

  • Using upper cabinets only is an effective kitchen design idea for small condo spaces. Upper cabinets provide ample storage while leaving the floor space completely unobstructed. 
  • Lower cabinets occupy valuable floor area and limit legroom beneath counters and around table and chair spaces.
  • Rather than the traditional upper and base cabinets, focus cabinetry on the walls above counter height. This allows most or all counter space to remain uninterrupted.
  • Wall-mounted cabinets provide access to necessary storage for dishes, glasses, food storage containers, and other kitchen essentials. 
  • Full-extension drawer slides and pull-out shelves maximize storage within the upper cabinets and aid in accessibility.


2)Install a trolley.

  • A kitchen trolley on wheels could be your best friend in a small condo kitchen. Every inch count when you have limited floor space, but you still need surfaces to prepare food and store cookware. 
  • A trolley with wheels solves this problem, giving you extra countertop and drawer storage when you pull it out for cooking and baking, then sliding it away to regain your walking space when you’re done.
  • A trolley feels like a welcome companion on cooking days, rolling out to hold your mixing bowls, rolling pins, and peelers so you have everything you need in one mobilized station that you can position wherever it works best. 
  • When the baking is over, you can quickly push your little helper away, tidying up the kitchen in minutes by simply sliding the trolley into a corner.

3)Opt for floating shelves.

  • Floating shelves can bring so much joy and personality to a small condo kitchen without crowding your space. Floating shelves provide perfect perches when every inch counts, but you still want to showcase your favorite cooking tools and kitchen décor.
  • You can curate the shelves with items that spark happiness: your grandmother’s cast iron skillet that taught you to make cornbread, that beautiful garlic roaster you found on your honeymoon in Italy, the stack of cookbooks your book club gifted you last year.
  • Floating shelves let you display the things that feed your soul while still maintaining an open, uncluttered layout that moves into the kitchen easy and inviting.
  • The sight of your treasured kitchen tools neatly lined up and on display may inspire more cooking adventures in your small space, reminding you of all the delicious meals you can still whip up without the hindrances of traditional lower cabinets getting in your way.


4)Choose a narrow table

  • A narrow table against the wall can be a cozy nook in your small condo kitchen, perfect for enjoying coffee and savoring your morning meal or enjoy an after-dinner conversation with loved ones. 
  • When space is tight but you still crave a place at the heart of the kitchen’s activity, a narrow table provides the perfect compromise. You can squeeze in two chairs comfortably, or even three if needed, for a quick meal. 
  • The narrow footprint saves floor space while still giving you a place to spread out the morning paper, take respite from cooking duties, or chat with a helping hand during meal prep. 
  • A narrow kitchen table nestled into an unused corner may become a treasured spot, providing both function and intimacy that large dining areas can’t match. 
  • Soon you’ll find yourself drawn there regularly for its cozy companionship, a place that nourishes your body and soul within your small kitchen space.


5)Install pull-out racks. 

  • Pull-out racks and drawers can be a small-space cook’s best friend, bringing order and efficiency to even the tightest of kitchens. 
  • When every inch counts but you still need to store and organize all your pots, pans, and kitchen tools, pull-out storage offers a tidy solution.
  • Pulling everything out with the slide of a shelf or drawer handle gives you that satisfying “ah-ha!” moment, revealing all your hidden helpers that were tucked away so neatly. 
  • Suddenly everything you need is within arm’s reach, ready to assist you in whipping up that delicious meal.
  • The efficiency of pull-out storage gives you back precious time otherwise spent searching high and low for misplaced lids or rummaging through stacked pots.
  • Instead, your cookware is now organized and accessible at your fingertips, allowing you to focus your energy on the joy of creating in the kitchen rather than the frustrations of a disorganized space. 
  • Pull-out racks and drawers in a compact kitchen offer function, efficiency, and satisfaction, giving small-space cook the helpings hands they deserve.


6)Hang pots and pans.

  • Hanging pots & pans from an overhead rack or cabinet doors can be a sweet solution for an organized, clutter-free small kitchen when every inch of floor and cabinet space counts; hanging your cookware frees up valuable real estate while still keeping everything easily accessible.
  • Sliding a pan from its hook feels so satisfying, like a familiar friend responding when you call its name.
  • You could smile when you see your pot lids arranged in a tidy row, demonstrating your creativity in controlling the mess that frequently causes damage in small places.
  • Hanging your regularly used cookware puts it at eye level, ready to assist you at a moment’s notice, instead of buried at the back of deep cabinets.
  • The simplicity and efficiency of this hanging storage organize your small kitchen while also infusing it with a practical beauty, showcasing your most-used pots and pans as decor pieces in their own right. 
  • Hanging your cookware transforms an otherwise frustrating storage challenge into a creative solution, bringing order, accessibility, and a little joy to your cramped condo kitchen.


7)Utilize a multipurpose appliance.

  • A multi-function appliance can feel like a kitchen hero in a small condo, helping you maximize limited space while still providing all the essentials.
  •  Combining functions into one unit can save valuable real estate when every inch and every appliance counts.
  • Pulling a freshly baked treat from your compact oven/microwave instantly lifts your spirits, reminding you of your resourcefulness in designing such an efficient galley kitchen.
  • The hum of your refrigerator/freezer combo quietly affirms that though space may be tight, you’ve still managed to create a functional haven where you can cook up delicious meals and store your culinary essentials.
  • A multi-function appliance celebrates your ingenuity, proving that with creativity and flexibility, even the smallest kitchens can provide home comforts. 
  • Its very existence is a testament to your cleverness at fitting your needs into limited quarters, allowing you to cook, bake, chill, and warm up delicious dishes while infusing your compact condo kitchen with the joys of gastronomy.
  • A multi-function appliance becomes more than just a utilitarian object – it’s a symbol of possibility, reminding you that with a little creativity and resourcefulness, there’s always a way to turn even the tiniest of spaces into a place you love to call home.



A small condo kitchen need not limit your joy of cooking. With ingenuity and some careful modifications, you can infuse even the tightest of galley kitchens with efficiency, accessibility, and a sense of delight. 

As you gaze upon your hanging pots and pullout racks, a multi-function appliance humming quietly in the background, remember that what makes a kitchen home isn’t its size but rather the delicious memories you create within its walls. 

When you put your heart into it, any space can become your kitchen sanctuary.

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