7 Creative Balcony Design Ideas for Your Singapore Home

7 Creative Balcony Design Ideas for Your Singapore Home

Have an underused balcony space that you wish served you more? Try these creative designs to transform your Singapore balcony into a beautiful extension of your home. 

With a few simple changes, like adding greenery, painting the walls, or installing privacy screens, you can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat. 

Plus, with ingenious ideas like small kitchens, outdoor dining areas, and seating nooks, you’ll maximize every inch of room on your balcony. 

Follow these 7 designs to boost your mood and truly enjoy your balcony retreat.

Add Greenery for a Living Balcony Space

  • Fill your balcony with potted plants, hanging baskets, and flowering vines to bring the outdoors in. Choose low-maintenance, tropical plants that thrive in Singapore’s climate.
  • When you fill it with plants, your balcony space can feel more like an outdoor room. Try potted trees, climbing vines, and hanging flower baskets. 
  • Choose tropical plants that like hot and humid weather, just like Singapore has! Plants will bring nature and life to your small balcony oasis. They reduce stress and make the air cleaner too.

Add some Fresh Coat of Color to Boost the Mood

  • The right paint can make a space look completely different. Consider bright, cheerful colors to make a small balcony feel bigger and airier.
  • Adding a fresh coat of color that resonates with you can make an insane difference in a balcony’s vibe. Bright, cheerful hues like sunny yellow or sky blue can help a small space feel more significant and uplifting. 
  • Painting the walls is an affordable and accessible project that will transform how you use your balcony.

Privacy Screens Create an Outdoor Room

  • Install wooden or metal screens and lattices for a cozier and more private balcony retreat. They help separate your space from neighbors but still let the lovely breeze through. 
  • Adding curtains to the screens or more plants provides extra privacy. Now your balcony feels like its own room for you to enjoy.

Dine Alfresco with an Outdoor Table and Chairs

  • Why not extend your kitchen into your balcony space? Add a small dining table and chairs for easy alfresco dining. String some fairy lights overhead for an intimate feel. 
  • Now you have a bonus dining room for cozy meals or dinner parties any time of day or night! Your balcony is a true extension of your home.

An Outdoor Kitchen for Convenient Cooking

  • A compact outdoor kitchen with a mini fridge, sink, and gas or electric burners gives you extra options for preparing meals and snacks. Combine it with your dining table to save space. 
  • An outdoor prep area means you can cook while enjoying the fresh air & views from your balcony. It’s like having two kitchens in one home!

Low Seating Walls

  • Make Comfortable Sofas Instead of standard chairs, build low brick or wood walls for comfortable seating and partitions—stuff cushions onto the walls to create instant sofas. 
  • Snuggle under blankets for an easy place to hang out and watch the city skyline. The low walls divide spaces while still letting the air flow through.

Install roll-up blinds 

  • Install roll-up blinds or shades on your balcony’s railing or across doorways to give yourself complete privacy when you want it. But when the blinds are rolled up, you still benefit from ventilation, light, and the view. 
  • Blinds provide flexibility – now your balcony serves you whether you want privacy or an outdoor oasis!


Your balcony holds huge potential for adding more living space, flexibility, and joy to your home. With plants, bright colors, useful furniture, and convenient amenities, you can design a balcony area that perfectly suits your needs and style. 

From gorgeous greenery to privacy on demand, these balcony hacks help you maximize your outdoor space. 

So renovate your balcony today – your little outdoor room is waiting to transform how you experience your home and neighborhood in Singapore. 

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