7 Ways to Add Hamptons Style to your Singapore HDB Apartment

7 Ways to Add Hamptons Style to your Singapore HDB Apartment

Implementing some coastal styles and vibes in your HDB flat is an easy yet impactful way to refresh your space and feel relaxed. 

Simple things like bringing in more natural wood and linen textures with tones of blue and yellow can instantly transport you to the Hamptons. 

Adding nautical accents like throw pillows and patterned rugs featuring boats and anchors also helps foster that laidback Hamptons feeling.

1)Use natural wood and linen.

  • Make your HDB flat feel like a beach retreat by incorporating natural wood and linen textures. These coastal materials help create a laid-back Hamptons aesthetic that can instantly transport you from your Singapore apartment to the beaches of Long Island.
  • First up, wood. Look for wood doors, cabinets, trim, countertops, and built-ins throughout your home to bring in a casual, beachy vibe. The warm tones and natural grain of real wood set the foundation for coastal chic. 
  • Opt for wood features in lighter hues and finishes for a true Hamptons look. The rich tones of oak and mahogany may seem more “rustic” than “refined.”
  • Once you add some wooden elements and layer in natural linens, linens have that lived-in, slightly rumpled quality evocative of summer afternoons spent lounging on the beach. 
  • Linen bedding, curtains, window shades, and area rugs will complement your new wooden accents. Throw pillows, cushions, and soft furnishings in linen or hemp also fit well within a wood and linen color palette.

2)Add nautical elements

  • Want to channel that seaside feeling without leaving your HDB? Bring the ocean home by incorporating nautical elements into your Singapore apartment’s decor.
  • Start with accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and prints featuring sailboats, anchors, marine life, or lighthouses. These nautical accents instantly evoke images of coastal living and vacation getaways.
  • Even just adding a couple of printed pillows or a throw rug with an anchor motif can make a big visual impact for very little cost.
  • Then go a bit bigger with furniture. Look for wooden dining chairs or side tables with turnings and details that mimic ship parts like masts and rails. Wooden cabinets and cupboards with doors that look like portholes add major nautical flair to any room.
  • Replica ship’s wheels and lanterns make fun yet functional decor pieces. You can even go all out with built-in bunk beds that resemble boat cabins, perfect for kids’ rooms.
  • While some nautical decorations might seem outdated, pairing them with modern accents prevents your space from feeling too kitschy.
  • Mix nautical elements with clean lines and industrial details to create an eclectic, modern seaside look. Warm metallic tones like brass and gold help anchor (sorry, had to!) the nautical elements to a contemporary aesthetic.

3)Choose beachy colors

  • The key to recreating those beach vibes in your HDB apartment is all about the colors. You wanna paint a few bright, breezy shades that’ll transport you straight to the tropics every time you walk into the room.
  • The blues are an obvious choice – driftwood, Robin’s egg, Caribbean – any of those will help set the scene. Make one of those your main wall hues; you’re already halfway there.
  • Next, throw in some sunny yellows to match that golden glow of a tropical sunset. Even just doing window trims or built-ins in yellow can work wonders.
  • Then balance out all those vibrant tones with plenty of beiges, creams, and oatmeal. Let your neutral shades serve as the base and ground everything else.
  • Maybe even sneak in a touch of muted green on just one wall for a shot of tropical foliage. It’s all about finding the right mix of fresh, coastal tones that fit your space.
  • Go easy on patterns and clutter – simple solids, stripes, and subtle motifs will feel the most laidback. And remember to tie all those colors together with warm wooden accents for a true Hamptons look.
  • Once you’ve got those beachy colors on lock, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation the second you step inside.

4)Go for wicker and rattan furniture.

  • The easiest and most Budget Friendly way to transform a space into a coastal oasis is with wicker and rattan furniture.
  • These materials instantly evoke casual, beachy vibes just by their very nature. Look for chairs, sofas, side tables – really any pieces made from woven wicker or dense rattan. They’ll feel lightweight, airy, and moveable – perfect for rearranging on a whim.
  • Opt for clean, unfussy designs that allow the material’s natural texture to shine. Less decoration is more when it comes to rattan and wicker. They just need a little accenting here and there to pop.
  • Mixing wicker and rattan with more traditional wood or metal furniture helps balance out the space so it doesn’t feel overly “themed.”
  • And style it all up with tons of throw pillows, tray tables, and decorative woven elements to complete the Hamptons aesthetic.
  • Finally, simple regular cleaning and maintenance will help your woven pieces last for years. Just vacuum gently and spot clean with a damp cloth as needed.

5)Add patterned rugs

  • The quickest and most cost-effective way to create a Hamptons vibe is by anchoring your space with some patterned rugs.
  • All you need are a couple of rugs featuring those classic nautical or coastal patterns – anchors, compasses, ships wheels, anything that evokes a seaside town. Navy blues and crisp whites always work well.
  • But don’t stop there. Experiment with jute, sisal, and seagrass styles weaved to mimic natural textures like sand, shells, and rope. 
  • Now we’re talkin’ about bringing the beach directly into your HDB apartment!
  • You can even layer a few patterned rugs for maximum visual impact. Just make sure the patterns & colors coordinate well and fit your style – bolder or more mellow, tropical island or New England town.
  • Once you’ve got your rugs in place, they’ll instantly anchor your space and make it feel complete. Add them under seating areas, in front of beds and entryways to define spaces and ground the whole room.
  • Your patterned rugs will provide years of use if cared for properly – regular vacuuming and spot cleaning will preserve their colors and textures over time.
  • And best of all? Swapping out rugs is an easy, affordable way to refresh your space with the changing seasons!

6)Use rattan lighting

  • For a final Hamptons touch, switch out your regular overhead lighting for pieces made of woven rattan.
  • Rattan lamps, pendant lights, and floor lamps instantly elevate any room with their casual, coastal vibe. 
  • Since rattan is naturally woven, the light fixtures become a focal point – reminiscent of woven lampshades at the beach.
  • Choose rattan lighting with minimal ornamentation to allow the material’s texture to shine through. Simple, elemental shapes work best.
  • Focus on table, swing-arm, and pendant styles of rattan lights that complement woven furniture and patterned rugs already in the space.
  • Clean rattan light fixtures like woven furniture – occasionally dust them using a soft bristle brush and wipe them down with a slightly dampened microfiber cloth as needed.
  • The organic, natural elements of rattan lighting provide a warm glow and easy elegance that fits the relaxed Hamptons aesthetic you’re going for in your Singapore apartment.

7)Display beachy art

  • The artwork you display in your HDB apartment can help set the mood and vibe you’re going for – especially when creating a Hamptons aesthetic.
  • Your options for “beachy art” are endless – from nautical themes to tropical landscapes. But anything featuring the ocean, beaches, or coastal scenes will instantly add that seaside feeling to your space.
  • Start small with easy, affordable options like framed shell collages, driftwood “found art” pieces, and prints featuring sailboats or lighthouses. Even just a few of these hung on your walls can make a big visual impact.
  • Then level up to larger pieces like painted canvases with crashing waves, palm trees silhouetted against a sunset, or swimmers frolicking in the surf. Bolder, brighter beach art helps transport you straight to the coast.
  • But remember – balance is key. Keep some walls free of artwork to breathe and avoid overwhelming the space. Complement beachy pieces with more minimal aesthetics to prevent things from feeling too themed.
  • Frames in warm wood tones or brushed metals help anchor nautical and tropical artwork, integrating them into a more eclectic Hamptons vibe.
  • And don’t forget about 3D sculptures like iconic beach chairs, seashell wind chimes, and driftwood mobiles. These functional art pieces provide visual interest and ambiance while serving a purpose.

To conclude:

Incorporating beachy styles into your HDB apartment can help you feel like you’re on vacation at any moment. 

The organic, natural materials like woven rattan lighting and furniture pieces provide an easy elegance that embodies the casual Hamptons aesthetic. 

Though some details may seem cliche at first, balancing them with modern elements and minimal accessories will ensure your space has a refined yet relaxed coastal vibe. 

Displaying tropical-themed artwork and using warmer wooden accents to tie everything together completes the look. So go for it, and let the beach come to you!

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