Best Samsung digital locks Singapore: Choose the ideal one for your Entrance

Best Samsung digital locks Singapore: Choose the ideal one for your Entrance


Samsung is a South Korean electronics company that produces a wide range of digital locks for both residential and commercial properties. In Singapore, Samsung has a wide array of digital locks to choose from, ranging from fingerprint to keypad and card-based locks. 

While there are many digital lock brands available in the market, Samsung is one of the most trusted names when it comes to security.

Samsung SHP-DP609 Latest Push Pull WiFi Digital Door Lock

The Samsung SHP-DP609 is the latest in digital door lock technology, offering 5 different authentication methods to unlock your door. With the Mobile App, you can use your fingerprint, RFID card, password, or mechanical key to unlock your door. Your home is secure with the Lock, which is approved by the IMDA.

Benefits of Samsung SHP-DP609 :

  • The Samsung SHP-DP609 is a Digital lock that connects to Wi-Fi.
  • It has smart bell notifications, so you can see when someone is at your door, as well as user logs for who has come and gone.
  • You can also set up arrival notifications and duration passwords.
  • Can set Random security code
  • You can set up one time password
  • Has Clear voice guidance
  • You can set up the anti-theft alarm.
  • Fire warning can be enabled as it can detect and gives a warning alarm if there is any fire.
  • You can also control its Volume
  • Plus, there are more other benefits – You can check their page

Samsung SHP-DH538 digital lock

The Samsung SHP-DH738 digital lock is our second pick because of its versatile abilities to secure an entrance is available in Copper and Dark Brown colors. 

It is authorized by Samsung smart door lock and is perfect for 40-80m doors. This lock needs 8 DC 6 V (AA Alkaline batteries) to operate. The only negative it has is that this digital lock is not user-friendly but they give a user manual where you can learn how to use them.

Benefits of Samsung SHP-DH538 digital lock :

  • Locking with a fingerprint
  • Mechanical Override Key for Keypad
  • Unreliable Security Code
  • Setup for Anti-Theft
  • You can control the Volume.
  • The Fire Alert feature
  • Automatic 9v Battery Backup Locking
  • Authentication with double locking
  • Low Battery Warning and there more other benefits

Samsung SHP-DH537 Digital Lock

This Samsung SHP-DH537 digital lock. This innovative device can be installed on HDB, BTO, CONDO, and LANDED properties, providing an extra layer of security. With three different authentication methods to choose from – RFID card, password, or fingerprint and mechanical key – you can be sure that your home is safe and sound. 

You won’t ever have to be concerned about misplacing your keys or forgetting your code again if you use this digital lock. Additionally, the contemporary and sleek design of this lock will give your house a fashionable touch.

Benefits of Samsung SHP-DH537 digital lock :

  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • Can access it with a Password and a Card 
  • Prevents from Intrusion 
  • Up to 100 Pin, 100 RFID Card 
  • English Version available
  • The battery lasts for about a year (An average of 10 times per day)

Samsung SHP-DP738 Digital Lock

The Samsung SHP-DP738 digital lock is one of the most secure on the market. Since it requires 4 different authentication procedures to unlock, breaking into it is pretty impossible. 

You can be sure it will last because it also has a 2-year warranty. The door-to-gate allowance (mm) is an impressive 70 mm, meaning it can accommodate almost any door size.

Benefits of Samsung SHP-DH738 digital lock :

  • One-Time Password Fingerprint Hacking Prevention: IN/OUT Log Record
  • This device has a feature that greets a person after opening the lock
  • Voice Guidance set-up
  • Unreliable Security Code
  • Setup for one-touch anti-theft
  • Silent Mode can be enabled
  • Battery Low Alarm
  • Alarm for High-Temperature
  • Alert for suspicious movement
  • Emergency Power Source and more features included

Samsung SHS-DP728 Digital Lock

This is the next level in door locks. The Samsung SHS-DP728 digital lock provides 4 different authentication options to unlock, making it more secure than ever. With the new concept of PUSH-PULL, this lock is also much easier to use. 

The first of its kind in the world, the biometric option increases security. This Lock is perfect for HDB BTO, Condo as well as Landed House. For your Information, This is also the best-selling Korean digital lock.

Benefits of Samsung SHS-DP728 Digital Lock :

  • Random Codes on a Digital Touch Keypad
  • A useful component for users (The sensor detects motions up to 70 cm away.)
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Unlocking
  • Cloud-based Door Access Event Log
  • An alert for inbound and outbound push messages
  • Manner Mode for quiet night outings
  • An emergency external battery terminal is included.
  • Includes Emergency mechanical bypass Key

How to pick the best one?

As we have listed 5 digital locks choose according to your needs and wants.

In case you are wondering “How to pick the best one?” then we have given some crucial factors to consider before selecting one: 

  1. You need to first decide what you want the lock to do for you. 
  1. If you want a basic level of security, then you might want to go for a lower-end model 
  1. If however, you are looking for top security, then you might want to consider a more expensive option (from the top 2) 
  1. You can then choose a model or brand based on your needs 
  1. Samsung offers a wide range of digital locks, so finding the right one shouldn’t be too difficult – here is the page where you choose a wide range of Samsung digital locks if you want to look for more options 
  1. Take your time in making your decision and don’t rush into anything 
  1. Make sure that you read reviews before making your final choice – Always remember to choose any products wisely.

Summary :

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