Personalize Your New HDB Home with Our Simple Guide to Customizing Your BTO Floor Plan

Personalize Your New HDB Home with Our Simple Guide to Customizing Your BTO Floor Plan

Select a Door that Suits your Interior

Doors play an important role in the overall aesthetic of living space. Compare all the door designs in the nearest showrooms. Look for experienced door specialists to get your job right. In case you don’t like the existing designs, you can customize the designs.

Furniture plays a key role in Interior Aesthetic

Furniture plays an important role in interior design. Make sure all your furniture is designed to match the theme of interior design. Click here to get some ideas for picking the right Furniture for your house.

Walls are not Necessary for Common Space

Common space in your house does not need privacy or noise control. So, plan such places without boundary walls. It improves the brightness and aeration in your living area.

Partitions between the Kitchen and Living Room

Temporary glass partitions would help to achieve this idea. Create a smooth transition between rooms and this can save more space in your BTO layout.

Define the boundary with Glass Partition

When it comes to the dining area, a glass partition is enough to create a boundary. Glass partition gives a classy appearance.

Alter the Junior Bedroom

HDB BTO flat designs which have 3 rooms often come with a junior bedroom for children. If you are living alone or not planning for kids anytime soon, go ahead with altering the wall. If you alter the wall, you will get some more space to use.

Open Kitchen is Classy

A Kitchen with walls also will give a classy restaurant style. Matching the interior with a marble table and metal chairs will complement the entire style of your living space. Hanging warm lights is a plus and it gives a dim effect to the kitchen.

Make a Kitchen Cabinet

plan for a half wall from the ceiling and place the kitchen counter exactly below the wall. It will look like a cabin. Opposite this kitchen counter, arrange the dining table and chairs. Use medium size pendant lights to get a contemporary style.

Kitchen Counter Arrangement

Arrange the kitchen counter in a row or according to the shape of the kitchen. And under the counters, there must be enough storage space to avoid the clutter.

Sitting Room Near Windows

Make some sitting arrangements in the window area and a mini herbal garden if possible. Do not go for a fully covered window, glass window is a great option.

Wall Partition as Storage Room

You can use a wall partition as storage. You can make heavy objects to hang on the wall to get an uninterrupted floor area. For example: Cycle on the wall.

Cozy Service Yard

Do not keep the service yard plain, place some plants, arrange it with some stylish lights, and create a cozy relaxation place.

Kitchen Pantry

The Pantry outside of the kitchen is a great idea. Build a mini pantry, so your kitchen will be fresh always. You can cook in the pantry hereafter.

3 Gen flat BTO Flat design ideas

A 3Gen flat is a type of HDB housing in Singapore that is specifically designed for multigenerational families. 3Gen flats are larger than typical 4 or 5-room flats, with a spacious floor area 3Gen flats have 4 bedrooms, with 2 of them having attached bathrooms. Living in a 3Gen flat can promote closer family ties and provide a more affordable option for multi-generation families.

  • Design a flexible activity area.
  • Increase the storage space wherever it is possible.
  • Have a personal space with entertainment amenities like a Digital projector for movie night.


Wrapping it Up!

I hope this blog has inspired you and provided you with valuable insights and ideas for your HDB BTO flat. Remember to take your time, do thorough research, and seek professional advice if needed. With a little creativity and planning, you can turn your HDB BTO flat into a dream home that exceeds your expectations.

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