HDB Renovation: Here is the Guidelines for HDB Renovation Works

HDB Renovation: Here is the Guidelines for HDB Renovation Works

HDB Renovation: Here is the Guidelines for HDB Renovation Works

Before jumping into home renovation works, we must follow HDB renovation permits and guidelines. As the house owner of your HDB flat, you will be responsible and should obtain all the permits before commencing the renovation project. Check out all the guidelines we must follow in Singapore in case of renovation. 

Get Written Approval from HDB 

Let’s explore what the process actually requires permits.

Wall Demolishing: In case you want to have an open space in your living space, wall hacking or demolishing is the option. To do this you must obtain HDB’s prior approval before demolishing your walls. Whether it is partial demolish or complete demolish this written approval is a must.

What is the reason behind this?

All HDB have packed and the walls bear the load of the floors. In short, walls decide the structure of the building. Any damage can affect the entire building. A single wrong move causes collapse in the entire building. 

Door Alteration or Replacing: You need to get permission to replace the main door. But there is a twist, this is only if your main door is located along a fire escape route within 3 metres from the nearest staircase of the lift lobby. Permission is needed when removing or replacing the doors from HDB.

Floor Alteration: To change the floor level in the kitchen, balcony, and bathroom also requires written approval.


What is the reason behind this?

Carrying out floor alteration may increase the stress on the existing floor slabs. 

Bathroom Renovation: There is a three-year wait before you can strip any existing doors or floor finishes in your HDB or BTO flat. 


What is the reason behind this?

If you try to do something with flooring in the bathroom space, waterproofing may get damaged. This might lead to ceiling leaks in the below flats. 

Installing Air Conditioner Unit: If you purchased an old flat and want to install an air conditioner, you need to apply for an electrical permit. Only licensed installers can install the AC unit and they must support an installation report within two weeks after installation. 

If it is a new flat, you must require a new 15 amps PowerPoint or 2O amps isolator.  Because HDB flats have 30 amps main switch by default.

Newer blocks or flats on or after 1 January 1994 or flats that have undergone MUP (Main Upgrading Programme) or HIP (Home Development Programme) do not require permission.


Windows – Changing or new installation

Restrictions are there to ensure that the new windows and grills design fits in with the pre-approved HDB color and design to maintain the aesthetics as it is. So, changing your window grills requires permission.

HDB Guidelines in Singapore

Water Service and Sanitary Works: To save money, hiring a contractor who does not possess a valid license may end you in serious trouble. It is an offense too. 

Check out the following HDB renovation guidelines:

Electrical Installation and Gas Service works: Electrical works such as wiring, rewiring, and extensions must be carried out by a licensed electrical worker.

When it comes to new Gas installation and replacement, EMA-licenced workers should do that. 

EMA stands for Energy Market Authority; one can use the EMA portal to check whether the worker is licensed or not.


Window Works: Any window-related works should be carried out by Building Construction Authority (BCA) approved window character.


These Things are Red Flag (Illegal) in HDB Renovation 
  • Embedding Wires in walls or ceiling.
  • Painting the area outside of your flat.
  • Overloading of the floor slab with more than 150 Kg.
  • Installing fixtures outside of the flat.
  • Removing a pitched roof ceiling.
  • Raising floor level more than the prescribed thickness of 50mm. 
  • Constructing water tanks in the bathroom.
  • Installing external grills on the air-conditioner ledge.


HDB Renovation Timings

Yes, you read it right. All renovation work is permitted within a particular time. So, there will be no inconvenience to their neighbors. 

General Renovation

  • Permitted Timings: Mondays to Sundays, 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Non-permitted timings: Sundays and Public Holidays.

Noisy Renovation

  • Permitted Timings: Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Non-permitted timings: Weekends, Public Holidays, major Public Holidays

Completion of work

Renovation comes with expiry dates. People should follow these guidelines.     

  • For Resale Flats- One Month
  • For BTO Flats- 3 months
How To Apply for Renovation Online?

Step 1: Submit an online application on the HDB site. (The contractor can apply on behalf of the owner with an acknowledgement form)

Step 2: As soon as HDB receives the submission, you will get an SMS notification.

Step 3: To view your renovation permit, log in to HDB page under ‘My flat’ section> Purchased Flat > Renovation.


Wrapping it Up

Got it right? Now you know almost all the points in HDB guidelines. In conclusion, starting a home renovation project for your HDB flat requires careful consideration of the permits and guidelines set forth by HDB. The guidelines are in place to ensure the structural integrity of the building, maintain the aesthetics of the HDB flats, and prevent any potential damage that may affect neighboring units. It is crucial to adhere to these guidelines to avoid any legal complications and a smooth renovation process. 

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