How to Decorate Bare Walls: Easy Singapore-Inspired Wall Decor Ideas

How to Decorate Bare Walls: Easy Singapore-Inspired Wall Decor Ideas

Bare walls can make a room feel warm and inviting. The right decor can transform blank walls, adding personality and style.

Singapore offers the perfect inspiration for affordable yet eye-catching wall decor. 

The cultural melting pot of China, India, Malaysia, and the West shapes Singapore’s unique blend of architecture, design, and tropical foliage.

Infuse your space with Singapore’s vitality by decorating walls with the following:

  • Batik fabrics and kites
  • Chinese calligraphy and temple sculptures
  • Plants and shadows boxes featuring vintage Singapore photos and street food

A few easy upgrades with Singapore-inspired decor can turn dull walls into attention-grabbing architectural statements that your guests will notice.


Gallery Walls

One of the easiest ways to decorate bare walls is with a gallery wall. Simply gather a collection of frames in different sizes and arrange them in an asymmetrical and visually pleasing layout on the wall. 

As design writer Kathryn Ireland says, “A gallery wall is the easiest way to transform an empty wall into an art gallery.”

Select photos that capture elements of Singapore culture and lifestyle to give your gallery wall a Singaporean flair. 

Family vacation photos from places like Little India, Chinatown, and Marina Bay Sands offer an authentic glimpse into Singapore’s diversity. 

Street market scenes from places like Lau Pa Sat and Geylang Serai showcase Singapore’s vibrant retail culture.

Add decorative accents to further personalize your Singapore gallery wall. Eye-catching additions like:

  • A wall hanging featuring an outline map of Singapore or a Singaporean flag
  • Miniature replicas of Singaporean street stalls and buildings like Thian Hock Keng temple, paper lanterns, and decorative Ferris wheels


Together, the varied collection of framed photos, maps, and decorations will transform a blank wall into an evocative snapshot gallery celebrating the sights, sounds, and spirit of Singapore.

Viewers will be transported to Singapore’s streets, markets, and iconic architecture through your artistically arranged gallery wall decor.


Wall Shelves

Wooden wall shelves are a timeless way to decorate bare walls while also storing decorative items.

Opt for distressed live edge shelves made from reclaimed wood to add organic warmth and texture that evokes Singapore’s verdant tropical environment.

As design writer Emily Henderson notes, “Wood shelves add warmth and texture that create a cozy Singapore-inspired environment.”

Fill the shelves with knickknacks and souvenirs that reflect Singapore’s interesting mix of cultures.

Items like:

  • Statues and figurines depicting characters from Singaporean folktales like The Legend of the Tiger’s Whisker and The Monkey King of Singapore
  • Orchids – Singapore’s national flower – and other easy-care tropical plants like crotons, bird’s nest ferns, and philodendrons
  • Vintage Chinese tea sets, decorative Chinese coins, and Singapore dollar notes
  • Miniature replicas of Singapore’s iconic hawker stalls, notorious for their affordable and diverse street food

Arranged on wooden wall shelves, these Singapore-themed collectibles will transform bare walls into a visual representation of Singapore’s cultural heritage, love of nature, and vibrant culinary scene.

The warm, lived-in look of wooden wall shelves filled with cherished souvenirs and plants will transport your senses to the tropical island nation of Singapore from the comfort of your own home.


Throw Pillows and Wall Hangings

Add texture and color to bare walls with throw pillows and soft furnishings made from traditional Singaporean fabrics.

Batik patterns, kites, and dragon motifs represent some of the most recognizable symbols of Singaporean culture and history.


Batik fabrics, in particular, have deep roots in Singapore’s heritage, created using centuries-old techniques fused with Indonesian, Indian, and Chinese influences. 

A recent survey found that batik fabrics were among the top choices for decor among Singapore residents, showing their popularity as symbols of national identity.


When decorating with Singapore-inspired textiles:

  • Add throw pillows in vibrant batik patterns to sofas and beds for an instant burst of cultural charm.
  • Hang traditional dragon kites made from hand-sewn batik fabrics on the wall for a nod to Singapore’s Chinese heritage and kite-flying tradition.
  • Display decorative wall hangings embroidered with batik designs, flowers, and magical creatures from Singapore folklore.

The use of traditionally sewn textiles infused with Singapore’s cultural symbols will transform bare, dull walls into a textural showcase of the island nation’s diverse fabric arts.

Throw pillows, wall hangings, and soft furnishings made with locally cherished batik fabrics act as visual reminders of Singapore’s traditions and national identity, effortlessly elevating any space with a dash of Singaporean flair.



Plants and greenery are an integral part of Singapore’s lush tropical environment and cultural identity, making them a quintessential choice for Singapore-inspired wall decor.

Decorate bare walls by hanging potted plants from ceiling hooks or wooden wall shelves. Large trailing plants in hanging baskets can soften hard edges and architectural lines to create an oasis-like Singapore garden atmosphere indoors.

Choose easy-to-grow tropical foliage native to Singapore or commonly found there.

Options include:

  • Bird’s nest ferns – named for their distinctive curled leaves that resemble bird nests. A common tropical plant found throughout Singapore.
  • Pothos vines –their heart shaped leaves and ability to thrive in low light make them a favourite of Singapore gardeners.
  • Philodendrons –their large, glossy leaves add instant visual drama and come in varieties marked with shades of green found in Singapore’s tropical forests.


Pairing these low maintenance, tropical plants with wall shelves, batik fabrics and other Singapore decor will imbue your space with the lush, atmospheric feel of Singapore’s garden city environment and enhancement of indoor air quality.

The warming sight and sounds of plants thriving on your walls will transport your mind to Singapore’s bustling urban jungle, heightening your mood and senses with a touch of tropical flair.


Final Recommendations

To achieve an authentically Singapore-inspired space, incorporate decor elements from different cultures yet tie them together with a cohesive theme.

Pair Chinese calligraphy with Malay batik fabrics, tropical plants with Peranakan tile replicas, and Chinese temple statues with Indian dragon kites.

The eclectic mix of styles represents Singapore’s cultural diversity harmoniously and visually pleasingly.

Complete the look by adding architectural details that mimic Singapore’s unique built environment:

  • Oversized bright-colored canvas awnings evoke the covered walkways and five-foot ways common in Singapore’s shophouse architecture.
  • Wooden lattice screens and trellises mimic those often seen in Singapore gardens, providing privacy while allowing air and light to filter through.
  • Metal rain chains hanging from eaves and gutters mimic those used in Singapore to divert water from walls, providing an artistic aesthetic while performing a practical function.

A decorative space that blends cultural styles while incorporating distinctive Singaporean architectural motifs will capture the essence of Singapore’s harmony in diversity. 

By decorating bare walls with a mix of Singapore-inspired plants, textiles, collectibles, and architectural details, you can transform an empty space into a peaceful urban oasis that transports the senses to the tropical city-state of Singapore.

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