Top 5 Cupboard Interior Design Ideas in Singapore: Wholesome Ideas

Top 5 Cupboard Interior Design Ideas in Singapore: Wholesome Ideas

Cupboards are happy place! This blog is dedicated to cupboard ideas. Cupboards play a vital role in keeping our belongings organized and our living spaces tidy. However, they can also be an opportunity to showcase creativity and add a touch of style to our homes. In this article, we will present you with five inspiring cupboard interior design ideas that are not only functional but also bring a sense wholesomeness to your living space. So, let’s jump right in and discover these delightful ideas!

Blog in Short

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  • Cupboard in living room
  • Kitchen cupboard
  • Washroom Cupboard
  • Cupboard with hidden storages
  • Cupboard interior designing tips- Bonus!

Bedroom Cupboard Design Ideas

The bedroom cupboard must contain number of compartments. Make the most of vertical space by incorporating lofts and storage sections. Go for customizable wardrobe systems that allow you to design the interior according to your specific needs. Drawers, shelves, hanging rods are must have for bedroom.  If you have limited space sliding door is the best option. Use the corners to increase the usable space. And do not forget to install lights within the cupboard for more visibility.  Match the cupboard the exterior with the interior design of your bedroom.

Cupboard Design in Living Room

Living room cupboards are traditional idea. But the modular cabinets will be a perfect choice for living rooms. Choose multi-functional cabinets that can serve different purposes in your living room. For example, you can choose a TV stand with built-in storage compartments or a cabinet that can double as a sideboard. Bedroom cupboards are the most important place and you can even design your cupboard drawers with locks. Customize your living room cupboards to suit your specific storage needs. Resizable sections in the cupboard will helpful to adjust according to your needs.

Kitchen Cupboard Design Ideas

Kitchen is an interesting spot to have difference size of cupboards. Kitchen cupboards have different types.

  • Open Shelves: Open shelves are common design choice. Open shelves are useful to keep things which are frequently needed. Example: Decorative pieces, stylish kitchenware.
  • Pull-out Drawers: Pull-out drawers are easy choice to keep things in an organized way without exposing the things.
  • Section Dividers: Include vertical and horizontal dividers to define spaces. Dividers will help to organize things smoothly. If the dividers designed in an adjustable manner, that would be great.

Washroom Cupboard Design

Washroom cupboards can be fancy. Check out the cabinet ideas below:

  • Wall-mounted Cabinets: Install wall-mounted cabinets above the sink or toilet to maximize storage space in your washroom. These cabinets can provide storage for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials.
  • Under-Sink Cabinets: Utilize the space under the sink by installing a cabinet specifically designed for this area. Under-sink cabinets can help keep cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, and other items neatly organized and out of sight.
  • Mirrored Cabinets: Go for mirrored cabinets to combine storage and functionality with a mirror. Mirrored cabinets not only provide storage space but also serve as a convenient mirror for grooming and getting ready.
  • Customized Storage Solutions: Customize your washroom cupboards to suit your specific storage needs. Consider including adjustable shelves, drawers, and compartments to accommodate different items and keep them organized.

Cupboard with Hidden storages

We need more storage space even though we are not using it! We have exciting ideas to achieve some more storage spaces in your living room.

Under Stairs Storage: Utilize the often-underutilized space under your staircase by creating hidden storage compartments. This clever design idea allows you to maximize space while keeping your belongings neatly tucked away.

Walk-in Pantry: Consider including a walk-in pantry that’s hidden behind a cupboard or sliding door. This design not only provides enough storage for your kitchen essentials. It will make the cleaning process easy.

Clever Cabinet Designs: Explore innovative cabinet designs that have hidden storage compartments. From bookshelf doors to hidden closets and shelves.

Customizable Cupboard Designs: Consider customizing your cupboard with hidden storages to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s adjustable shelves, built-in locks, or personalized compartments, tailor your storage solution to fit your unique requirements.

Cupboard Interior Designing Tips- A Bonus!

  • Adding LED light strip will increase the visibility.
  • Try to include decorative lights.
  • Choose colors and textures that complement the overall design theme of your space.
  • Add a personal touch to the cupboard’s interior by choosing elements that reflect your style and personality. This could include wallpaper, celebrity calendars, thirst-trap pics, and so on.
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