Woah! Small Spaces No More - These Storage Solutions Are Game-Changers In Singapore Homes!

Woah! Small Spaces No More – These Storage Solutions Are Game-Changers In Singapore Homes!


Small spaces in Singapore homes typically refer to HDB flats, apartments, or condominiums with limited square footage. The average size of a new HDB flat in Singapore is around 85 to 95 square meters, which means that residents often have to make do with limited space for storage and living.

Small spaces can quickly become cluttered and cramped without proper storage solutions. A lack of storage can lead to unnecessary stress and frustration, as keeping a small space organized and tidy can be difficult. Having adequate storage solutions creates more space and makes the space feel more comfortable and functional.

This article will explore various storage solutions that are game-changers for small spaces in Singapore homes. We will look at furniture that doubles as storage, creative storage solutions, space-saving storage accessories etc.


Furniture that doubles as storage

Examples of furniture that can be used for storage

– Storage beds

– Ottoman with storage

– Modular sofas with storage

– Coffee tables with storage


What are the benefits of using furniture that doubles as storage?

There are 3 benefits you’ll get when you use furniture as storage :

– Saves space by combining furniture and storage

– Provides a clutter-free living space

– Easy to maintain and keep clean


Tips for selecting furniture that doubles as storage

So, let us give you 5 important tips to make a storage space large with furniture


Just check out below :

1)Think Multifunctionally:

Look for furniture that has several possible uses. A daybed could turn into a desk, or a deep sofa can take the place of a storage ottoman. Also, be sure the multifunctional furniture you take has added features such as USB ports or built-in lighting.

2)Measure Twice, Shop Once:

Know your office space beforehand and shop accordingly. Make sure to measure the scale and size to find pieces that fit perfectly in your office.

3)Go Vertical:

Utilize wall shelves and vertical cabinets to create more storage space. This will also help make your office appear more organized.

4)Opt for Wheels:

Wheeled furniture is more versatile and can easily be moved from one room to another. This makes it easier to keep your office neat and tidy.

5) Don’t Neglect the Little Things:

Drawers and bins are some little things that are great for making the most out of small spaces, as they take up little room while providing ample storage. You can easily store small items such as stationery and documents away in drawers. They also offer better visibility than traditional cabinets, allowing you to quickly locate the item you need without passing through piles of paperwork.


Game-changing Creative storage solutions

Examples of creative storage solutions for small spaces

Under-stairs storage 

Under-stairs storage can be a great way to make use of an often-overlooked area in Singapore homes. With the right shelving units and cabinets, homeowners can create plenty of additional space for items like books, toys, tools, and other household items. It also serves as a great place to store seasonal decorations or everyday items you want to avoid cluttering up your home.

To start planning your under-stairs storage project, consider what type of shelving would best suit your needs and how much space you have available. Installing lighting underneath the stairs is another smart move, as it will help illuminate the area and make finding things more accessible. Finally, make sure to measure the area before purchasing any materials, so everything fits perfectly! 


Built-in shelves and cabinets

Built-in Floating shelves and cabinets are really the perfect creative storage solution. Floating shelves are a great option as they save floor space while offering plenty of room for all types of items. Alternatively, adjustable cabinets may be necessary if you’re looking to store more oversized items such as sports equipment or bulky furniture pieces.


Hanging storage solutions 

Hanging storage solutions are a great way to maximize small space in Singapore homes. They help keep the floor clear and make it easier to access items without digging through drawers or cupboards. Hanging storage pieces like wall-mounted shelves, baskets, racks, and coat hooks can be used in almost any room of the home, from bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchens and living rooms.

Wall-mounted shelves provide an easy way to store books, trinkets, and other items that need a dedicated place. You can hang baskets on walls or doors to quickly access items like magazines or toys. You can mount racks on walls for additional hanging storage of clothes or towels. No matter your home size, these simple hanging storage solutions will help you easily make the most out of your limited space!


Vertical storage solutions

Vertical storage solutions are a great option for small homes and apartments where space is at a premium. They make use of walls, ceilings, and floors to maximize storage capacity without taking up valuable floor space.

Installing pegboards can also make it easier to hang items such as tools or utensils while hanging baskets make it easy to store larger items like bedding or clothing.

For even more efficient storage, you can purchase stackable drawers which fit together vertically – this will help you save up floorspace while still allowing you to store your things neatly away in an organized manner. These vertical storage options allow Singaporeans to use their limited living spaces efficiently!


Benefits of using creative storage solutions

 Explore the below 7 benefits:

-Tantalizing Ways to Utilize Limited Storage Space: Using creative storage solutions can make the most of limited space. 

-Uncluttered Your Shelves and Closets: It can Maximize your space and reduce stress with de-cluttering hacks. 

-Store More, Spend Less: Investing in creative storage options can save money on storage containers. 

-Out Smart Small Spaces: You can Strategically organize small spaces with smart storage solutions. 

-Be Creative: It allows finding unexpected ways to maximize space with creative storage ideas. 

-Reclaim Your Sanctuary: You can discover the beauty of a tidy home with creative storage solutions. 

-Unmatched Versatility: Enhance any room’s décor with stylish, functional pieces.



Space-saving storage accessories

Take a look at some examples of space-saving storage accessories:

  1. Hanging organizers
  2. Drawer dividers
  3. Foldable storage solutions
  4. Wall-mounted organizers


Tips for selecting the right storage accessories for your space

We suggest you these 3 tips:


– Choose accessories that fit the size of your space

– Look for accessories that can be used for multiple purposes

– Choose accessories that match the style of your home


Summing up:

It’s amazing how much storage solutions can elevate a space. Whether in the form of an ottoman, floating shelves, or even ceiling racks, there are many clever ways to spruce up and organize any small home. We hope this article has provided some insight into the world of storage solutions for Singapore homes. Comment below if you’ve tried any of these methods – we’d love to hear your stories! 


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